Modern Brazilan Jui-Jitsu (BBJ) is an energetic mix of sports and martial art and an incredible full-body workout. When you train with VT1’s Martial Arts in Chatswood, our BJJ crew will have you working everything out, from head to toe, while you learn the basic techniques of Brazilian Jui Jitsu.

BJJ has its roots in several traditional Japanese martial arts (like Judo), but it has morphed into its unique craft over the years.

4 Key Brazilan Jui-Jitsu Skills or four definable elements that are Transferable to any martial art, sport or workout are:

  1. Self-defence
  2. Physical Strength & Endurance
  3. Sports grappling (submission holds, no striking)
  4. Mental strength

Brazilan Jui-Jitsu (BBJ) Willoughby

Self-defence. One of the core strengths of Brazilan Jui-Jitsu.

Brazilan Jui-Jitsu is a martial art that will help you protect yourself and others – it will also develop essential skills you can apply in other martial arts practices and all different areas of your life.

At heart, the skills and fitness acquired in Brazilan Jui-Jitsu (BBJ) enable the fighter to defend against an opponent who’s larger or strong partly due to the focus on the mind and the body.

Interested in hearing what some of these skills are? Keep reading below.

Let’s start with strength – everyone’s favourite by-product of a good training program.

All top BJJ competitors do weight training in one form or another because building up strength is a standard component of BJJ training.

VT1’s Sydney-based team has experience competing worldwide and incorporates a lot of strengthening exercises in their coaching. Fighters need strong legs, backs and shoulders to execute better takedowns, submissions and submission defence – so we make sure part of our training is dedicated to that.

Increased strength is one of the most significant benefits of BJJ fitness. There is no downside to getting stronger!

Then we have endurance.

A fighter’s energy within a fight or sparring session is known as their ‘endurance’ – basically, how long they can last against their opponent without giving way.

A BJJ fight comes to an end when one fighter becomes exhausted and vulnerable to submission. One of the things we concentrate on in BJJ fitness and training is lots of drilling and bouts of sparring – these very quickly increase one’s endurance.

It also teaches students how to expend energy strategically and plan escapes so they can fight calmly and formidably.

Endurance is a valuable asset – firstly, it makes switching over to another martial art form more effortless, and secondly, it improves your physical resilience elsewhere.

Up next is clinch work. This one is super transferable from Brazilan Jui-Jitsu across other martial arts

Getting into a clinch is what we are always trying to do in BJJ so that we can manoeuvre our way to a takedown. That is one of the first things BJJ fighters learn to do – turn a clinch into a takedown. There is a specific technique to positioning yourself in a clinch in a way that avoids your opponent’s knees, hands or elbows striking you.

Practising Brazilan Jui-Jitsu will make the whole sequence – from closing in for a clinch to scoring a takedown – automatic. MMA fighters regularly mix in BJJ training to get their clinch work skills sharp.


And finally, you’ll enjoy a marked increase in mental strength as a result of training in BJJ.

A fight is so much more than just a physical test. The mental aspect is crucial, and being mentally prepared is just as important as being physically prepared.

In BJJ, we concentrate on persistence and focus. Every technique is learned by drilling – in other words, repeating it over and over again, for session after session, until there are fewer mistakes.

It can be frustrating for a student to keep making the same mistakes, but our instructors here in Sydney know all too well that it’s all just part of the process. We teach our students to use this frustration to spur them on. We don’t make excuses in this sport – we learn from error and keep going until we get it right.

It’s a great exercise in mental strength, something that is so useful across the board, whether with personal or work-related situations.

So that’s a roundup of the 4 Key Brazilan Jui-Jitsu Skills and the fantastic benefits of BJJ. Of course, it’s also just a lot of fun, and we love watching our students grow every week as they progress with training.

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from the VT1mma team

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