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The VT1 Experience

What Makes VT1 MMA Academy Different?


You are what matters.
The students are what matters. 


At VT1, we know that our students’ journey comes first.


We ensure that you train in a safe, clean and friendly environment. More importantly, we want you to finish a session knowing that you had a good workout and had fun! We know that everyone is on a different journey and have different goals, and we want to support you in reaching your goals.


    We understand that Martial Arts can be intimidating and confusing, so we have designed programs that can take anybody from total beginner to expert level. We remember what it’s like to be white belts and our curriculum is designed to help eliminate the confusion and help you continuously progress at the right pace.


    All of our programs are instructed by experts that were mentored directly by the legends of their Arts – such as the Gracie Family, the Cuban Boxing Program, Lumpinee Champions and many more.


    Our experts love coaching and training equally. It is a requirement that they continue learning and training themselves at the highest level and are all active or retired competitors that have competed at an international level.

    Some of our secrets include:

    1. Our easy to follow curriculum and cutting-edge training methods
    2. Bringing in the best guest instructors from around the world
    3. Our International Training and Culture trips
    4. Our Safety-First approach to training
    5. Our famous VT1 Coaching Method/Courses
    6. A Martial Arts Program catered for everyone

    The VT1 Culture

    No tough guys or bad attitudes!

    The positive atmosphere and culture at the Academy is obvious from the moment you step through the door. Our classes are run professionally and are always fun, friendly and motivating. If our students enjoy coming to class, reaching their goals is assured as 90% of success is showing up! Moreover, the Academy has programs specifically designed for Women, Children, Teens and Adults. We welcome anyone who is looking to get fit, to expand their social circle, to have fun or join the competition teams for Brazilian Jiu JitsuMuay Thai and MMA.

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    What Our Students Say

    Probably the best gym I've ever been to. Amazing staff who really take care of their students and are both passionate and educated about their martial art, great facilities and kick ass uniforms! I love coming here and I love the friendly, welcoming and supportive atmosphere, with their no-attitude on the mats belief.

    Jessica Zhang

    A top class gym, very professional. I've trained in different places over the world and by far this is the most organised and well run/structured gym I have trained at. Something for everyone be it kids programs, beginners or fighters. Can't recommend highly enough.

    Ollie Hale

    The best academy I have ever trained at .
    Awesome staff, instructors and atmosphere .
    It's a great community and culture.
    Highly recommend trying martial arts for fitness, self defence and fun!

    I started at VT1 when I was a teen and had the pleasure of being with the gym for over 10 years .

    Richard Walsh (Ex UFC fighter)

    VT1 has not just one or two, but a stack of awesome coaches. The atmosphere and facilities suit families all the way through to professional fighters, with a timetable so jam packed full of great classes that it is hard to choose between them all!

    Jordan Crew

    Best gym, very motivated coaches who take care of all their students at a personal level and help everyone develop individually and as a team, gym promotes a very humble aura with no judgements. I would and also have recommended the gym to all my friends.

    Mario Vey

    My 10 yr old daughter did jiujitsu at VT1 and loved it. Learned some serious self defence skills as well and unfortunately did a lot of practice on me! Teens classes highly recommended.

    Mark de Kock

    Brilliant classes, gorgeous staff and stand-out coaches, for all ages, kids, and those kids at heart! A place to be. If you just want to learn new skills or get fit and meet new friends at the same time!

    Janise Huckerby

    I have been to VT1 almost a year now. It is clean which is the MOST important. Coaches are great, staff are super friendly and helpful, students are kind to each other. The poster I love most at VT1 is"Leave your shoes and ego outside." We have world class UFC, Jiu jitsu and Muay Thai fighters training in the gym, we also have normal clumsy people like myself. We also have special needs kids and Parkinson patients. Coaches are very serious but also very funny, I always look forward to coming to the gym after a long work day.

    Ada Lo

    I've been training at VT1 for quite awhile now and over the years taken part in most of the classes the gym has to offer.
    There is something special about this place. I met some of my best friends at VT1. While the gym has expanded greatly since I first started, it still has the same friendly, fun and supportive atmosphere.

    The gym caters to many demographics all the way from the highest level of competition to the casual person just wanting to get fit.

    I would highly recommend this gym to anyone interested in taking up training for any reason.

    Glen Ratcliff

    VT1 is hands down the best Martial Arts training centre in Sydney. The coaches are experts across various MA disciplines and are extremely good at training across all levels - from newbie to advanced. Kids & adults are all welcome. The gym itself is brilliant, several levels with all the equipment you need.

    Katya D'entremont

    I've trained BJJ here for several years and I love this gym because it combines a fun, relaxed atmosphere with professionalism and an excellent learning structure.

    Head BJJ coach, Liam Resnekov, regularly travels and trains with top BJJ practitioners; bringing back, teaching and adapting the techniques and principles he acquires along the way. In this way our training is always evolving and always interesting.

    Joining VT1 did wonders for my personal development and I began to see powerful changes not only in my fitness but in other areas of my life also. I've made lifelong friends at VT1 and always feel at home when I step through the door.

    David Sleet

    Love this gym. I started as a complete beginner and was afraid to join a class, but as soon as I stepped into the gym I felt at home straight away. The friendly coaches, receptionists and members make you feel so welcomed and comfortable. I also told my friend's kids to join their kids classes and they have been enjoying the classes a lot! Highly recommend this place, it really doesn't matter if you are just looking to get fit, find a new hobby or compete, they cater to all goals very well!

    Alyssa Mak

    I have trained at VT1 for many years and can't get enough. The coaches are always friendly and helpful. They helped me progress from being totally new to Muay Thai to eventually having 5 Amateur fights. The head coaches have designed the programs to suit all levels, whether you want to train towards competing, get fit or just try something new.
    Can't recommend highly enough!!

    Ben Schafer

    One of the best Martial Arts gym in Australia! They offer adults and kids classes, with a wide variety of classes such as boxing, Muay Thai, women's kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, wrestling and karate. The coaches are so knowledgeable and genuinely have a deep love for Martial arts, coupled with expertise and experience. Coaches are also friendly and nice.

    I have trained at a few gyms in Sydney, Singapore and Thailand, but the systems and techniques you learn in VT1 are incomparable. Well thought out syllabus and differentiated classes to cater for all!

    Rachel Pan

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