This past week we had hundreds of students across the kids, teens and adults programs head into VT1 for grading week. We held gradings in each of our programs including Jiu JitsuMuay ThaiKrav MagaBoxing and MMA. Everyone showed a lot of heart and learning as each grading combined elements of fitness and technical testing. Well done to everyone that passed their stripe/armband/belt gradings, it’s a great milestone in your training journey.

We also have to thank all the coaches and managers for successfully organising such a big event across the whole gym. Without them we wouldn’t be here in the first place.

Lastly a special mention goes out to those that received their new BJJ belts. Rodney Kouchak, Nicholas Lim, Ryan Salway, Lachlan Biancardi, Jess Lai, Dexter Ho and Matteo Salmini received their Blue Belts. Their grading involved a tough fitness test, rolling and a self defence component in which they had to take down an opponent trying to punch them with boxing gloves. Also, Glent Ratcliff and Eddy Kaliboti received their Brown Belts after an Ironman rolling session with 30 consecutive opponents. Congratulations!

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