Growing up in a small town in the USA, Jens Pulver never thought for a second he would be in Sydney, Australia. Growing up watching him fight, we never thought that one day we would have the first Lightweight UFC Champion teaching in our Academy, let alone visiting the north shore.  Last night was that night and it was magic for everyone who attended.

We were joined by the Wimp 2 Warrior contestants, a new reality TV show where regular Joes with no experience are trained for their first fight in the cage. Their debut is this weekend so Jens added a little bit extra to help get them ready for it.

He covered footwork, mentality, combinations, the secret to his power punching and his famous dirty boxing. Joining us were two of VT1’s UFC fighters, Alex Chambers and Richard Walsh and they delighted in the QnA at the end, picking the former champ’s brain.

One thing Jens stressed throughout the clinic was the importance of fundamentals. He made a career out of less than a dozen techniques, but he reiterated that this is what made him successful. There are few things you can really control in combat and one of them is your conditioning, the other is where you put your time. Too often we see MMA fighters displaying hundreds of fancy techniques without ever laying down thousands of hours into the fundamentals. When that sort of commitment to the fundamentals meets an intelligent athlete we get a GSP.

When you attend a seminar, people come for different reasons. For us, it’s always a great opportunity to get inside the mind of a champion, see what makes him tick and learn from his anecdotes. There is always one move we call the “money move”, which sticks with you forever. I remember one such move I learnt at a Mario Sperry Seminar and I used it to finalize my first professional MMA fight.

Good luck to all the Wimps from all over Sydney that are becoming Warriors this weekend!

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