From our humble beginnings in a small scout hall in Gordon, VT1 has grown to an industry leader in BJJ (Gracie Jiu Jitsu)Muay ThaiMMA and Krav Maga Self Defense.

The scout hall in Gordon, Sydney was the second generation of VT1 after the garage in Killara. Starting with only a couple of nights a week, VT1 students would have to put down the mats before training and stack them back up after. To see how far we have come since then come check us out or head to our YouTube Channel to see what we do!

Over the years we have also run many school programs in martial arts and self defense at Ravenswood School for Girls. This is an area of martial arts we are passionate about, having run many programs at various schools over the years. If this is something you are interested in organizing make sure you give us a ring and we can customise a program just for your needs.

VT1 Martial Arts Academy Chatswood

19B/390 Eastern Valley Way Chatswood
New South Wales 2067

Phone (02) 9417 1001

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