It is very common to hear people going “I want to get healthy, I need to start dieting”. I hear it all the time, and it bloody frustrates me. When people use the word ‘Diet’ it is generally used to mean a short term change in the way they eat and drink to promote weight loss. Well here are the problems:

a) Unless you are competing in a sport with weight divisions (which given a lot of us are) no one cares about ‘weight’! Personally, unless I am in the lead up to a competition I don’t care about my weight, what I care about is how much body fat I have. Weight does not equal fat. A short term diet is not going to take the fat off you AND KEEP IT OFF! Only a nutritious lifestyle will do that.

b) Diets are SHORT TERM! Ever heard the term yo-yo dieting? I wish I could say it was mainly used by fighters who have no idea how to cut weight properly, but the fact remains that the majority of the population does the exact same thing. Summer is on its way… time to diet… weather gets cold… brownies look yummy (I love brownies)…. weather is getting hotter…. maybe I should ‘tone up’ for summer. The misinformation out there is ridiculous.

Over the years I have only ever seen one type of person that has ever been able to kick the habit of short term dieting. It is those who actually understand nutrition that succeed in staying in shape, and eating healthily over the long term (day in day out for DECADES at a time). Only those people who have an understanding (even if it is only a basic understanding) of topics such as: carbs, protein, good fats vs. bad fats, nutrient timing and similar are able to eat right, and stay healthy. These are the people that understand how to shop for the right foods, eat right at home, but also know how to go out and have a burger with friends, knowing that it is not suddenly going to make them blow out.

So the moral of the story is this: DITCH the brand new fancy diet, DITCH the Diet Guru book you just bought on Amazon and go OPEN YOUR HIGH SCHOOL BIOLOGY TEXTBOOK AND LEARN THE BASICS!!!

In the meantime, ENJOY your training and keep learning,



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