Supplementation has become a much bigger question in today’s market but there are a lot of myths out there. Before I talk a little about supplements you need to know about a website called This little website is a gem! It has collated all the research on supplements and nutrition and will help you to find out which supplements are crap and which ones might actually have some merit to them.

I am going to talk about the supplements that I like to use but everyone is different and the supplements you use will be unique to you. Make sure you speak to a professional for advice before using any supplements.

1. B complex

A lot of people out there believe in using a multivitamin. Personally, I believe that if you have a good diet there is no need for a multivitamin (although it can still help). The problem with our food today is that it is not very high in the B vitamins. By taking a B complex that includes all the different types of B vitamins I believe you can remedy this lack. I have also found that taking a B complex gives you a huge amount of energy. If you have a good diet a B complex is fantastic, but if you have a poor diet a multivitamin is still essential.

2. Magnesium

Magnesium is one of my favourite supplements. Anyone who trains hard should take it. Magnesium is great for stopping cramps as well as helping you relax. One of my favourite effects is its effects on your sleep. I find that taking magnesium before bed helps me to sleep much deeper as well as giving me very lucid dreams which can be a lot of fun 🙂

3. Fish oil

Much has been written about fish oil. I won’t go into all the benefits of fish oil but there has been lots of research completed over the years. Do a quick search of the web to find a list of the benefits of this supplement. I think this is a great supplement but the liquid form is much better than the tablet form.

4. Protein

Everyone knows about using protein. While I use protein myself I try not to over use it. If you can get your protein needs from proper food it is a much better way to go. I also believe in using protein in conjunction with nutrient timing. This is very important to optimising your body composition and increasing or maintaining your lean mass. Since I do not feel like writing an essay I will not go into the different types of protein or exactly what to look for. If you are a big guy you may also need to use protein as a meal replacement or as a way of getting your extra protein needs (kilos of meat a day can be expensive!).

On the whole those are the main supplements I use. There are many other fantastic ones out there, just ask around and you will get flooded with information (most of it crap, some of it very good). I’ll do another blog soon on pre and post workout nutrition which is more important than almost anyone gives it credit for. On the whole, keep it simple and before you go spending hundreds of dollars on supplements, get your nutrition right. Then you can have a think about which supplements you need the most, and which ones will give you the greatest benefits!

Enjoy your training,

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