A question that we get asked a lot, “Which Martial Art Style Should I Learn?​”

Martial arts are like movies or music; you don’t choose them, they choose you. Therefore, asking Which Martial Art Style Should I Learn is something that may come from understanding yourself or trying different styles.

Every martial art in the end has the same values and benefits, but they have very different energies and applications.

With that said, after 20 years of Coaching Martial Arts, our team has refined a series of questions that help you to pick the right Martial Art for you.

When Choosing a Martial Art Style, ask yourself…

  1. What made you want to get started?
  2. What sport was your favourite as a teenager?
  3. Do you have friends who train?
  4. What did you hope to get out of your training?
  5. Do you have any previous injuries?

Often people don’t really know why they want to get started, it’s just a feeling. Something motivated them to get started, so we can use this information to figure out the best suited program for them.

Remember too, that as time goes on, you grow and change. So you may find yourself looking from Boxing to Muay Thai and thinking “that looks like fun”.

Whenever you try something new, it’s important to give yourself 6 months to see how you like it. It takes time to grow on you. After 6 months you will know if it was a good choice. Therefore, you will realise how much your previous skills compliment your new ones.

Traits and personality types

On a general note, at VT1mma, when choosing a Martial Art Style our advice is the following.

Adults and kids who have higher energy and lower attention span to be drawn towards Muay Thai or Boxing.

For those who like to analyse and learn intricate techniques, and are more introverted tend to prefer Jiu-Jitsu.

MMA (Mixed Mart Arts) is great for people with a mix of both of those traits and learning Mixed Martial Arts is great for beginners

Karate is perfect for parents seeking to help their kids develop discipline.

Then there is Krav Maga, perfect for people who want rapid progress and quick solutions, and are willing to work hard!

Is your Focus on Fitness or Learning Self-Defence?

Then there are benefits. When students come to our gym wanting to focus on their cardio and fitness, we usually point them towards Muay Thai or the Art of Boxing. Students who come in with the goal of learning Self-Defence, getting stronger or competing, we will point them to Jiu-Jitsu.

The bottom line is that your martial arts journey will last a lifetime. The most important thing is to get started so that you can get the amazing benefits that a Martial Arts lifestyle brings.

If you want to take a look at the different style of Martial Arts we offer at our Sydney Academy, head over to our YouTube VT1mma channel, and check out these videos

Better yet, visit us and we can show you around the VT1 gym at Chatswood and discuss what programmes would suit you.

We also offer trials for all new students, Kids 30 Free trail and for Adults – Unlimited training week for $10, sign up here…

See you on the mats, Liam


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from the VT1mma team

from the VT1mma team

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