A Guide to the Fundamentals of MMA in Chatswood, NSW

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When you join VT1’s training programs for mixed martial arts in Chatswood, you learn a combination of combat styles that develop your physical and mental abilities. MMA training is a complex system of fighting that uses elements of striking, grappling and wrestling to help you develop a self-defence style that is more complete than one single martial arts discipline. So what are the fundamentals of MMA? Read on to learn about the fundamental skills in mixed martial arts. 


Students who learn MMA are expected to become familiar with various striking styles such as traditional boxing and Muay Thai. VT1’s world-class instructors teach you how to adopt a stable stance and strike effectively using fists, knees and shins for self-defence. 

Grappling & Wrestling

VT1’s martial arts in Chatswood places a great deal of importance on the art of grappling and wrestling. These systems are designed to take an opponent down and use submission techniques to neutralise a potential threat. Grappling and wrestling requires you to improve flexibility, core strength and balance to execute moves that can take down a significantly larger opponent without causing serious injury to yourself or others.

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Mental Strength 

MMA is a complex fighting system that pushes students to learn a number of advanced techniques that must be stitched together to make them effective in a sparring situation. This requires tremendous concentration, focus and discipline. A highly trained MMA practitioner is physically fit and has the mental fortitude to avoid confrontation, while staying prepared to call upon their training at a moment’s notice. 

The instructors at VT1 go the extra mile to create a training environment that builds confidence, promotes teamwork and teaches students of all ages that respect is everything. Whether you are a beginner or expert, our training programs help you sharpen your reflexes and teach you how to remain calm under stressful situations. 

Professional Martial Arts in Chatswood for Beginners 

VT1’s innovative programs for martial arts in Chatswood help you develop the fundamental skills required to begin your MMA journey. Contact us today to learn more about beginner courses for Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, boxing and more.