The Benefits of Muay Thai classes for Kids in Chatswood


Muay Thai is an excellent martial art for your child to learn to help them develop fitness, confidence and self-defence. With over 15 years of experience, VT1 Martial Arts can help guide your child on their journey through Muay Thai with programs tailored to their experience level and age. In this article, we explain what Muay Thai is and outline the positive impact this discipline can have on your child. If you live in Chatswood, call us today.

What is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai is a fighting discipline that involves striking with fists, elbows, knees and shins, with clinching and sweeping techniques. Training is tough, with a lot of short, high-intensity rounds in a session that develops excellent strength and cardiovascular endurance. If you live in Gordon, try our Muay Thai classes for kids to help your child get fit while having fun learning self defence.

The Positive Impact of Muay Thai Classes for Kids

Training in Muay Thai can have a wide range of benefits for your child.

Build Their Confidence

Your child will develop confidence as they notice improvements in their fitness and skills. This confidence can translate outside the gym to other areas of life, such as in their schooling and future careers.

Improve Their Fitness

Our Muay Thai classes for kids living in St Ives involve a lot of movement and intense physical activity, which can be very taxing but a great way for a young child to expend energy. They will see an obvious improvement in their flexibility, strength and endurance.

Teach Them Self-Defence

Muay Thai is an effective self-defence discipline for your child. It can bring you and your child peace of mind, knowing they can protect themselves.

Instill Discipline

All martial arts are effective ways of instilling discipline in a child. If you live in Willoughby, our Muay Thai classes for kids promote critical thinking and maturity, which can have a positive long-term effect on your child’s decision-making inside and outside the gym.

If you want your child to benefit from the positive lessons of Muay Thai training, call VT1 Martial Arts today. If you live in Chatswood, contact us online and book their first lesson.