Unlock Your Potential: Mixed Martial Arts for Adults in NSW

Jiu Jitsu - Kids, Teens + Adults

Over the last decade, VT1’s team of professional mixed martial arts instructors has developed finely tuned, innovative training methods that help students reach their goals. Whether you are interested in Jiu Jitsu or Muay Thai for adults, our programs encourage you to discover just how strong you are physically and mentally. Contact us today to discuss MMA classes for beginners and experts.

Improve Physical Ability 

VT1’s unique MMA training methods are designed to engage different parts of the body and improve overall coordination. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, our instructors can help you push past your fitness barriers and improve your cardiovascular, endurance, flexibility and strength abilities. MMA training is a full body workout that improves speed, agility and overall strength. 

Improve Mental Health 

Regular MMA training involves cardiovascular and strength training, both of which are directly related to an improvement in concentration, self-confidence and mood. Although physical fitness is important for MMA, world-class trainers like those at VT1 also understand the importance of developing mental strength and confidence in all our students. MMA training is more than just physical training; students are taught basic and complex combat techniques, and are trained to think and act quickly. The VT1 martial arts community is passionate, supportive and inclusive, all of which are important for improving social skills and helping individuals grow. 


MMA training for adults gives you the opportunity to learn a number of fighting styles that can help you defend yourself. In situations where a physical altercation is unavoidable, basic MMA skills can give a person the ability to protect themselves and others. Many MMA students find that just the knowledge that they can defend themselves if required gives them a confidence that translates to social as well as professional life.

Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu for Adults in Chatswood

If you’re looking for the best MMA facilities and instructors in Chatswood, contact VT1 today. Our instructors are active competitors and coaches who use innovative training techniques to get the best out of students of all ages. VT1 training programs are specially designed to accommodate people of all ages, fitness levels and expertise. Contact us today for a wide range of MMA courses, strength and conditioning sessions, boxing programs and Muay Thai for adults in Chatswood.